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Fathers' Day Specials

Razors and Shaving Sets | Manicure Sets | Flasks and Steins | Zippo Lighters | Other Dad Gifts |

Father's Day is June 16th! Use coupon code BESTDAD to save 20% on these great gifts.

Show Dad you care with a special gift from Excalibur he's sure to love... and use.

Most of our gifts are engravable; consider an inscription for that extra personal touch!

Be sure to enter coupon code at checkout. Discount valid on these items only. Sale lasts through Friday, June 14.

Razors and Shaving Sets
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SKU #DO034
Merkur Collapsible Travel Safety Razor
This Dovo safety razor is perfect for travel! A safety razor with 3 inch handle is assembled from three components...  See details
Price: $46.95

SKU #WW029
Beginner's Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit
Although priced for beginners, this safety razor wet shave kit will last a lifetime!  See details
Price: 139.60 $124.95

SKU #WW026
Executive Chrome Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit
We built this shaving kit with the best tools from world-famous shaving brands Muehle and Colonel Conk.  See details
Price: 186.75 $169.95

SKU #DO080
Dovo Safety Razor Travel Kit with Camel Case
This handy 5 piece safety razor travel kit from Dovo comes in a handsome camel leather zip case. Kit includes:...  See details
Price: $189.95

SKU #WW024
Junior Executive Straight Razor Kit
This kit has everything you need for a lifetime of straight razor shaving. We took our professional set and added...  See details
Price: 273.30 $245.95

Solingen Bismarck Straight Razor w/ Gold Etching
This handsome straight razor is the newest to our lineup! With the same black plastic handle as our GA03 model,...  See details
Price: $119.95

SKU #WW032
If your man shaves with an electric razor or shaving cream in a can, this is your opportunity to introduce...  See details
Price: 139.60 $129.95

SKU #WW033
Every man will love this "Man-Can" shaving starter set containing everything he needs for a smooth, wet shave, enclosed in...  See details
Price: 198.80 $179.95

SKU #WW034
This set of wood shaving tools will look great on your man's bathroom counter. Our webmaster hand-selected these wooden shaving...  See details
Price: 228.80 $189.95

SKU #WW035
Give the man in your life the gift of the World's Closest Shave.  See details
Price: 219.10 $189.95

SKU #WW036
Whether a seasoned straight-razor user, or brand new to straight-razor shaving, the man in your life will be delighted with...  See details
Price: 265.95 $229.95

Manicure Sets
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SKU #BB047
Gator-Skin 5pc Manicure Set
This imitation Gator Skin Manicure Set is hot, its a "must have" for todays metro living. These 5 instruments...  See details
Price: 59.95 $49.95

Concord Black Executive Nail Clipper
These are unique black nail clippers, these are very popular with the men. Concord quality with Excalibur prices you...  See details
Price: 15.95 $14.95

Concord Large Executive Nail Clipper
These larger nail clippers give you more leverage for cutting the toughest nails.  See details
Price: $29.95

SKU #DO075
Dovo 3-Piece Pocket Manicure Kit, Royal Blue
This deluxe 3-piece manicure set comes in a blue, genuine leather case and is perfect for the pocket or purse.  See details
Price: 62.95 $49.95

SKU #DT002
Dreiturm 7 Piece Men's Manicure Set
Out of Solingen Germany comes some of the finest cutlery, the instruments in this manicure kit are made with...  See details
Price: 169.95 $129.95

SKU #BB024
6 Piece Manicure Set w/ Magnetic Snap Case, Brown
The perfect all around manicure set for a man or woman and an excellent value. These manicure instruments come...  See details
Price: 55.50 $42.95

9 Piece Manicure Set in Hard Case
Black handled instruments surrounded by a Black, solid framed embossed leather manicure case makes this kit unique.  See details
Price: 49.95 $39.95

MACH III Men's Travel Kit w/ Zipper Case
This 11 piece Men's Travel Kit incorporates the exciting new Mach III Razor and blades. Everything is securely latched...  See details
Price: 62.95 $49.95

SKU #DO008
Dovo Twin Nail Clipper Set
A classy set, one of our favorites, comes with a beautiful black leather case for men or women.   See details
Price: 69.95 $54.95

Currently Out of Stock
Dovo Mens 4 Piece Manicure Set
SAVE $40.00 This rugged set of precision ground, polished nickel manicure instruments, is a 4 piece set designed especially...  See details
Price: 139.95 $99.95

Currently Out of Stock
Solingen 3-piece Pocket Manicure Set
This mighty little set is perfect for the pocket or purse!  See details
Price: $39.95

SKU #DO082
Dovo 7 piece Manicure Set w/ Black Sharkskin Case
This 7 piece womens manicure set from Dovo comes in a striking sharkskin case. Kit includes nail scissors, cuticle scissors,...  See details
Price: $229.95

Currently Out of Stock
Flasks and Steins
Sort By: Price | Name

SKU #BB155
Round Bottom Black Leather Flask
This unique flask has a rounded bottom to feel more comfortable in your pocket. The beautiful black leather is...  See details
Price: $29.95

SKU #BB040
6oz. Banded Flask
This 6oz. banded flask is one our most popular flask for engraving.  Send a message or just engrave initials,...  See details
Price: 39.95 $20.09

SKU #BB120
8 oz. Leather Flask w/ Engraving Plate
This leather-bound flask is perfect for personalization!  See details
Price: 34.95 $27.25

SKU #BB134
6oz Flask, Camouflage Design
6 oz. Stainless Steel "Camouflage" Pattern Flask.  See details
Price: $34.95

5.5oz Stainless Flask
5.5oz Flask Stainless steel, captive lid,ENGRAVABLE  See details
Price: 35.95 $15.50

SKU #CL316
Cornell Jack Daniels 6oz Leatherette Cover Flask
Jack in your back pocket, now that's the way to carry it!The black leatherette displays a silver screened print...  See details
Price: $39.95

SKU #BB107
Flask, Money Clip and Business Card Holder Set
A matching 6 oz flask, money clip and business card holder for the elegant gentleman.  See details
Price: $48.95

SKU #BB153
4 pc Stainless Flask, Funnel, Cigar Case, and Cutter Set
4 Pieces Stainless Flask (7 oz), Cigar Case & Cutter Set, T.P. 3.75"H x 5"W x .85"D 1.35 lb  See details
Price: 79.95 $60.42

8oz Cylender Flask with Cups, Black Leather
8 oz. Stainless Steel Cylinder Flask in Black Leather with Two Cups.  See details
Price: 44.95 $33.28

SKU #BB064
Stainless Steel Tankard, 1 pint
Stainless tankard, steel chrome & satin-finish Tankard, 1 Pint. Measures 4.75"H x 4.25"W x .50"D.  See details
Price: $44.95

SKU #SM012
Simran Ajmer 20 oz. Matte Stainless Steel Mug
Matte finish with shiny trim stainless steel stein 20 oz. * Manufactured to the Highest...  See details
Price: $29.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #CL234
Cornell Groomsman Glass Stein
This smooth, sturdy glass body is tapered and has a star burst light-reflecting pattern on the bottom. The conical...  See details
Price: 60.00 $46.95

Zippo Lighters
Sort By: Price | Name

SKU #ZI596
Zippo Military Veteran Lighter
Veteran Forever Zippo lighter. Have it engraved with your name and rank so whoever you pass your Zippo on to...  See details
Price: 30.95 $19.05

SKU #ZI624
Zippo Camouflage Lighter
This camo lighter is a great gift for hunters or Army friends! Green background with tan, brown and black...  See details
Price: 32.95 $24.95

SKU #ZI116
Jim Beam Bourbon Zippo Lighter
Bourbon aficionados will love this Jeam Beam label Zippo lighter. The raised text is great to the touch and...  See details
Price: 43.95 $27.05

SKU #ZI603
Zippo Throwing Star Lighter
This 'Throwing Star' Zippo lighter makes a great gift for the aspiring Ninja in your life.   See details
Price: 25.95 $15.97

SKU #ZI386
Zippo Celtic Cross
The beautiful Celtic cross design is masterfully engraved into the lighter and then painted.  See details
Price: $15.95

SKU #ZI641
Zippo 'Things Learned From Dad' LIghter, Black Matte
This fun lighter is perfect for Father's Day! Let Dad know all the noble activities you learned from him....  See details
Price: 26.95 $24.95

Zippo Black Onyx
This elegant black onyx-paneled lighter includes a chrome space perfect for an engraved monogram.  See details
Price: $23.95

Other Dad Gifts
Sort By: Price | Name

SKU #BB036
Navigator Clock and Compass in Mahogany Box, Brass Accents
Impress any business associate, professional colleague, special client or loyal customer with this elegant clock and compass gift box idea....  See details
Price: 62.00 $49.95

SKU #BB052
Rosewood Desktop Compass w/ Engraving Plate
This item features a metal compass in a polished rosewood box. This beautiful desktop compass is an ideal addition to...  See details
Price: 39.00 $29.95

SKU #BB133
Walnut Table Cigar Cutter
Enjoy your cigars in style, with this table-top cigar cutter in lacquered walnut wood.  See details
Price: $119.95

SKU #BB151
Cigar Humidor Tube
Keep your favorite cigars fresh, longer.  See details
Price: $69.95

Cross Ball-Point Keyring Pen Set, Pearlescent White
This ball point pen and mini pen key ring set has a beautiful pearlescent white casing and makes a great...  See details
Price: $16.95

Currently Out of Stock
CROSS - Apogee Black Star Lacquer Ball-Point Pen
The Apogee Black Star Lacquer ball-point pen is pure poetry without writing a word. Features a rounded, highly polished,...  See details
Price: $89.95

Fenix LD-12 LED Flashlight w/ AA Battery
The Fenix LD12 LED flashlight offers 4 brightness levels, strobe and SOS.  See details
Price: $51.95

Fenix TK22 650 Lumen Flashlight
Fenix TK22 is the first flashlight with lossless orange-peel reflector.  See details
Price: $109.95

Brown Leather Magnetic Money Clip
Handsome magnetic money clip in brown leather. Measures 2.5 inches long.  See details
Price: $19.95

Black Leather Magnetic Money Clip
Handsome magnetic money clip in black leather. Measures 2.5 inches long.  See details
Price: $19.95

Black Leather Wallet w/ Magnetic Clip
This black leather wallet features a magnetic money clip on the back and a clear window for your identification card.  See details
Price: $32.95


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