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Razors and Shaving Sets

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SKU #DO034
Merkur Collapsible Travel Safety Razor
This Dovo safety razor is perfect for travel! A safety razor with 3 inch handle is assembled from three components...  See details
Price: $46.95

Solingen Bismarck Straight Razor w/ Gold Etching
This handsome straight razor is the newest to our lineup! With the same black plastic handle as our GA03 model,...  See details
Price: $119.95

SKU #WW029
Beginner's Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit
Although priced for beginners, this safety razor wet shave kit will last a lifetime!  See details
Price: 139.60 $124.95

SKU #WW032
If your man shaves with an electric razor or shaving cream in a can, this is your opportunity to introduce...  See details
Price: 139.60 $129.95

SKU #WW026
Executive Chrome Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit
We built this shaving kit with the best tools from world-famous shaving brands Muehle and Colonel Conk.  See details
Price: 186.75 $169.95

SKU #WW033
Every man will love this "Man-Can" shaving starter set containing everything he needs for a smooth, wet shave, enclosed in...  See details
Price: 198.80 $179.95

SKU #DO080
Dovo Safety Razor Travel Kit with Camel Case
This handy 5 piece safety razor travel kit from Dovo comes in a handsome camel leather zip case. Kit includes:...  See details
Price: $189.95

SKU #WW034
This set of wood shaving tools will look great on your man's bathroom counter. Our webmaster hand-selected these wooden shaving...  See details
Price: 228.80 $189.95

SKU #WW035
Give the man in your life the gift of the World's Closest Shave.  See details
Price: 219.10 $189.95

SKU #WW036
Whether a seasoned straight-razor user, or brand new to straight-razor shaving, the man in your life will be delighted with...  See details
Price: 265.95 $229.95

SKU #WW024
Junior Executive Straight Razor Kit
This kit has everything you need for a lifetime of straight razor shaving. We took our professional set and added...  See details
Price: 273.30 $245.95


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