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Product Catalog > Shaving > Straight Razors, Brushes, Soaps, and more... > Safety Razor Kits > Beginner's Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit

Beginner's Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit

SKU: WW029
Price: 139.60 $124.95
Beginner's Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit
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Beginner's Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit Beginner's Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit

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When engraving a couple's monogram for a wedding, anniversary, etc., the first initial of the couple's last name should appear in the center, with first initial of the woman's first name to the left and first initial of the man's first name to the right. So John Smith and Michelle Smith would appear as MSJ.

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Product Description

Although priced for beginners, the tools in this safety razor wet shave kit will last a lifetime. Featuring our premium Muehle double-edge safety razor, Bey-Berk chrome shaving brush/bowl combo, Colonel Conk soap (choose flavor above) and extra 5-pack of blades, this kit has all you need for a luxurious morning shave.

For a great gift, personalize the brush handle with a monogram!

This kit saves you 18% over the individually-priced items!

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