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Zippo Polished

We have 10 Zippo Polished items.

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Zippo Lighter, Polished Chrome
This simple, no frills chrome exterior lighter is perfect for everyday use.  See details
Price: $20.95

SKU #ZI611
Mazzi Eagle America Sapphire Zippo Lighter
This beautiful American eagle Zippo lighter features artwork by world-renowned artist Claudio Mazzi. Polished sapphire blue finish.   See details
Price: 34.95 $21.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #ZI341
Zippo Classic Jack Daniels
What better lighter for a fan of both Jack Daniels and Zippo?  See details
Price: $39.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #ZI600
Zippo Chinese Friendship Symbol, Polished Chrome
Featuring the Chinese symbol for "friendship", this Zippo lighter makes a great gift for your favorite pal. High-quality artwork...  See details
Price: 25.95 $16.59

SKU #ZI550
Zippo Crown Stamp Lighter, Polished Chrome
This high-polish chrome lighter has the Zippo logo and flame icon on the lid top.   See details
Price: 24.95 $15.35

SKU #ZI500
Zippo Fingerpring ID Lighter, Polished Chrome
Featuring a fingerprint and barcode print. High polish chrome finish.   See details
Price: $25.95

SKU #ZI371
Zippo Sapphire
Genuine Zippo lighter with Sapphire blue polished finish.  See details
Price: $26.95

SKU #ZI620
Zippo Tarot Justice Card Lighter, Polished Chrome
Featuring artwork of a Tarot 'Justice' card. High polish chrome finish.   See details
Price: 26.95 $26.95

SKU #ZI616
Zippo Wave Splash Surfing Lighter, Polished Chrome
Surf's up, dude! This ocean wave lighter is the perfect gift for the surfer in your life. The...  See details
Price: 28.95 $17.82

SKU #ZI597
Zippo 'Beer Is Yummy' Lighter, Polished Chrome
If you agree that "Beer is yummy", this may be the lighter for you. Features an engraved image of a...  See details
Price: 29.95 $17.59


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