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Wenger Ranger 172 Swiss Army Knife
Our Ranger Series was created for those challenges that take a little more skill, a little more knowledge and tools...  See details
Price: $94.95

Currently Out of Stock
Wenger Ranger 89826 Carrying Case for Knife - Black - Pouch - Ballistic Nylon
Price: $17.00

Currently Out of Stock
Wenger RangerGrip 179 Swiss Army Knife
In 2005 Wenger created the first ergonomic Swiss Army Knife, making resourcefulness more comfortable than ever before. Now the EvoGrip...  See details
Price: $79.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #WW025
Deluxe's Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit
This kit has everything you need to have a luxurious wet shave at home.  See details
Price: 146.75 $119.95

SKU #WW026
Executive Chrome Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit
We built this shaving kit with the best tools from world-famous shaving brands Muehle and Colonel Conk.  See details
Price: 186.75 $169.95

SKU #WW027
Travel Safety Razor Kit
Take the luxurious feel of a wet badger-brush shave on-the-go with this safety razor travel kit!  See details
Price: 113.95 $99.95

SKU #WHK-B10-Golden-Mile
William Henry Lancet Golden Mile Pocket Knife
The Lancet Golden Mile knife features a frame of rhodium plated nickel silver w/inset brown diamonds with citrines and...  See details
Price: $11,500.00

Black Acrylic Shaving Brush Stand
A shaving brush should be allowed to dry with its bristles downward after use. Doing this prevents both water from...  See details
Price: 12.95 $6.95

SKU #CL349
Cornell  Jack Daniel's Double Barrel Shot
Price: 24.95 $14.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #CL348
Cornell  Jack Daniels Medium Barrel Shot Glass
Price: 14.95 $9.95

Frosted Pirate Shot Glass
Enjoy a drink of your favorite pirate-themed liquor in this frosted Skull-n-Crossbones shot glass!  See details
Price: $5.95

Currently Out of Stock
Pirate 'Surrender the Booty' Black Shot Glass
Toss back a shot of the ol' rum with this pirate "Surrender the Booty" shot glass!  See details
Price: $5.95

Currently Out of Stock
Pirates for Hire Pewter Emblem Shot Glass
This square shot glass has a "Pirates for Hire" pewter emblem on the front.  See details
Price: $7.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #SM012
Simran Ajmer 20 oz. Matte Stainless Steel Mug
Matte finish with shiny trim stainless steel stein 20 oz. * Manufactured to the Highest...  See details
Price: $29.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #BB064
Stainless Steel Tankard, 1 pint
Stainless tankard, steel chrome & satin-finish Tankard, 1 Pint. Measures 4.75"H x 4.25"W x .50"D.  See details
Price: $44.95

SKU #RB012
Rubis combination tweezers
The slanted/pointed combination allows the easy removing of ingrown hairs. Use the pointed side to carefully expose the hair...  See details
Price: 48.00 $39.95

SKU #RB001
Rubis Point Tweezers
Absolutely the best tool for removing ingrown hairs after waxing or shaving.  See details
Price: 45.00 $39.95

SKU #RB005
Rubis slanted tweezers with magnifier
This is the perfect implement for removing splinters. Woodworkers, auto mechanics or those who work with materials that splinter...  See details
Price: 62.00 $55.95

Maserin Coglifunghi Mushroom Hunting Tool
You'll wonder how you managed your mushroom hunts without one!  See details
Price: 49.95 $34.95

SKU #BB054
Curved Chrome Letter Opener, Silver
Its a classic letter opener that looks great on any desk or in any office. This 8 1/2" silver plated...  See details
Price: $16.95

SKU #BB053
Magnifying Glass Letter Opener
One item: two niffy jobs.  A large magnifying glass on top of an enclosed letter opener.  Now you can...  See details
Price: $19.95

SOG SEAL Pup Elite - Black TiNi Blade (E37T)
The SEAL Pup Elite is our high performance edition to the SEAL family of products. Sometimes... we just "have...  See details
Price: $124.95

Sog Specialty Aegis AE-02 Cutting Knife - Folding Style - 3.50\
Our comprehensive Aegis line of premier folders is fully integrated with top end systems. Start to open the knife, and...  See details
Price: $114.00

Sog Specialty Kilowatt EL-01 Utility Knife - 3.40\
Get \'charged up\' with the Kilowatt, the first working theme knife designed for the electrician, homeowner, contractor, or anyone who...  See details
Price: $67.50

Sog Specialty Micron FF-91 Pocket Knife - Folding Style - 2.25\
Now the Micron got a little bigger. The Micron 2.0 Tanto features slim line convenience, key chain ready size, strong...  See details
Price: $25.00


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