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SKU #WT736
Wusthof 4 1/2
Made from stainless steel, satin-finished, anti-allergic and sterilisalbe. 12cm rounded tip for safe trimming.  See details
Price: $29.95

Currently Out of Stock
Dovo Professional 4-piece Pocket/Purse Manicure Set
This Dovo Deluxe 4 piece manicure kit is compact and efficient, it includes fingernail/toenail scissors, cuticle scissors, sapphire...  See details
Price: 129.95 $79.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #BB047
Gator-Skin 5pc Manicure Set
This imitation Gator Skin Manicure Set is hot, its a "must have" for todays metro living. These 5 instruments...  See details
Price: 59.95 $49.95

4 pc Pocket/Purse Manicure Set
4 Pieces Manicure Set with Small Clippers, Tweezers, File and Small Scissors in Black Leather Case..75"H x 3.15"W x 2.15"D.50...  See details
Price: $19.95

SKU #BB138
5 pc Manicure Set, Stone Leather
This 5 piece manicure set includes fingernail scissors, nail file, nail nippers, nail clippers and tweezers in a stone leather...  See details
Price: $44.95

5 Piece Mens Pocket Manicure Set
Geniune black leather compact 5 piece manicure kits has everything you need when you're on the road. This 5...  See details
Price: 40.00 $32.95

5 Piece Manicure Set with Scissors, File, Nipper, Small Clipper and Tweezers in Black Leather Case.5"H x 4"W x .50"D  See details
Price: $44.95

SKU #BB090
9 Piece Manicure Set in Black Ultra-Suede Hard Case
Don't leave home without this super-handy travel manicure set!  See details
Price: 30.00 $19.95

SKU #BB091
9 Piece Manicure Set in Coral Ultra-Suede Hard Case
Of course you COULD use this 9-piece manicure set at home, but when you travel you're going to wish you'd...  See details
Price: 30.00 $19.95

9 Piece Manicure Set in Hard Case
Black handled instruments surrounded by a Black, solid framed embossed leather manicure case makes this kit unique.  See details
Price: 49.95 $39.95

SKU #BB089
9 Piece Manicure Set in Tan Ultra-Suede Hard Case
This 9 Piece manicure set is about the handiest thing you could have in your travel bag!  See details
Price: 30.00 $19.95

Dovo Mens 4 Piece Manicure Set
SAVE $40.00 This rugged set of precision ground, polished nickel manicure instruments, is a 4 piece set designed especially...  See details
Price: 139.95 $99.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #WT758
Wusthof 4 pc Manicure Set w/ Latch Case
Contains Nail and cuticle scissors, Tweezers, Nail file, Cuticle pusher.  See details
Price: 100.00 $79.95

SKU #WT701
Wusthof 4 pc. Brown Leather Manicure Set
Wusthof 4 pc. Brown Leather Manicure Set  See details
Price: 92.00 $79.95

Currently Out of Stock
Straight Razor Stropping ToolsStropping a razor is a fine art developed by repeated practice. The aim in stropping is to smooth and shape the razor's edge into a keen cutting implement. After being honed, the razor seldom needs any stropping on the canvas. Instead, the honed razor is stropped directly over the surface of the leather strop. The effect of the canvas strop is similar to mild honing.
Click Here for more information on stropping
FROMM  4 oz. Strop Dressing
4 oz. Strop Dressing, a must have for your razor strop, it will make the leather last much longer.  See details
Price: 24.95 $16.50

Fromm Straight Razor Strop 2.5x24
Top grain cowhide leather strop.  See details
Price: $54.95

Bismarck Razor Strop
Make sure your straight razor continues to perform like a professional barber's would, use a premium hand crafted leather strop to...  See details
Price: 59.95 $49.95

SKU #WT016
Wusthof Classic Steak knife set w/ Box
Made by true craftsmen in Solingen Germany, this set of 4 Classic Hollow Ground Steak Knives features forged blades...  See details
Price: 320.00 $189.95

SKU #WT500
Wusthof CLASSIC IKON Paring knife - 4086 / 9 cm (3  ½
The straight edge offers close control for decorating as well as peeling, mincing and dicing.   See details
Price: 100.00 $59.95

SKU #WT506
Wusthof Sharpening steel - 4472 / 26 cm (10
Keeping knives sharp is easy if you sharpen them often on a WÜSTHOF sharpening steel.  See details
Price: 150.00 $119.95

Wusthof KnivesWusthof-Trident has been making fine forged kitchen knives in Solingen, Germany since 1814. Each style of Wusthof knife whether it is Wusthof Classic, Wusthof Ikon, or Wusthof Gourmet is carefully designed for its assigned job and performs that function with perfection.
SKU #WT051
Wusthof Classic 4.5 inch Cooks Knife
The latest addition to the WSTHOF family. Small, but mighty.   See details
Price: 79.00 $69.95

7 oz. Stainless Plain Liquor Flask
Flasks have been a hip and fashionable way to carry around your favorite libation for centuries. Engraved flasks are...  See details
Price: 39.95 $21.95

Zippo Brushed Chrome
A smooth, brushed chrome exterior makes this Zippo lighter perfect for engraving.FREE ENGRAVING with purchase  See details
Price: $16.95

Zippo Lighter, Polished Chrome
This simple, no frills chrome exterior lighter is perfect for everyday use.  See details
Price: $20.95

SKU #ZI283
Zippo Black Ice Chrome Lighter
A classic! This Black Ice chrome plated Zippo lighter is coated for a rich, luminous finish.  See details
Price: $24.95

Currently Out of Stock

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