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SKU #ZI489
Zippo Peace
Take a stand for nonagression. This Zippo lighter has the peace sign on the front and reads "PEACE" up the...  See details
Price: $35.95

SKU #ZI577
Zippo Peace Tye-Dye Lighter, Yellow Matte
This groovy cigarette lighter appeals to the hippie in all of us, with a peace symobl and vintage tye-dye graphic....  See details
Price: 28.95 $16.99

SKU #ZI654
Zippo Luxury Lighter, Brushed Brass
This stunning Zippo lighter has a beautiful engraved and painted crest on the front, giving it a somewhat Victorian feel....  See details
Price: $32.95

Zippo Venetian Chrome Lighter
Venetian style lighter with engrave plate!  See details
Price: 33.95 $33.95

SKU #ZI493
Zippo 1941 Replica Brass Lighter
This brass lighter is a replica of Zippo's 1941 original, with a brushed finish.  See details
Price: $27.95

Zippo Black Onyx
This elegant black onyx-paneled lighter includes a chrome space perfect for an engraved monogram.  See details
Price: $23.95

SKU #ZI649
Zippo Cerulean Ligher w/ Logo
This Zippo lighter has a dazzling Cerulean blue finish with Zippo logo and flame design.   See details
Price: $29.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #ZI613
Zippo Chameleon Lighter
Is it blue or green? The Chameleon Zippo changes colors right before your eyes as you move it around.   See details
Price: $26.95

SKU #ZI253
Zippo Classic Green Matte Lighter
Zippo lighter with a green matte finish and Zippo logo. Packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box. Lifetime Guarantee.  See details
Price: $22.95

SKU #ZI550
Zippo Crown Stamp Lighter, Polished Chrome
This high-polish chrome lighter has the Zippo logo and flame icon on the lid top.   See details
Price: 24.95 $15.35

SKU #ZI816
Zippo Eagle Lighter, Satin Chrome
It doesn't come any better than this beautifully engraved Zippo lighter with an image of eagle in flight.  See details
Price: $21.95

SKU #ZI500
Zippo Fingerpring ID Lighter, Polished Chrome
Featuring a fingerprint and barcode print. High polish chrome finish.   See details
Price: $25.95

SKU #ZI811
Zippo Game Over Lighter, High Polish Chrome
Game over, man. Better head outside for a cigarette.  See details
Price: $29.95

SKU #ZI584
Zippo Iced Stars Lighter, Candy Apple Red
This striking Zippo lighter has a star design on a beautiful metallic red finish.   See details
Price: 27.95 $16.99

SKU #ZI627
Zippo Identity Hand Print Lighter, Brushed Chrome
Glowig hand artwork will not chip or peel. Brushed chrome finish.   See details
Price: 23.95 $14.74

SKU #ZI632
Zippo Industrial Machinery Lighter
This industrial-machinery Zippo has a great Steampunk look. The decal features a mechanical skull with vintage top-hat. A great gift...  See details
Price: $28.95

SKU #ZI609
Zippo Linen Weave
Zippo's classic brush look takes on a new form with this linen weave finish.  See details
Price: $17.95

SKU #ZI656
Zippo Panda Lighter
Until now, panda-lovers the world over have been forced to light their cigarettes with non-panda-related lighters. But all that...  See details
Price: 26.95 $24.25

SKU #ZI200
Zippo Red Matte w/ Zippo Logo
This red matte Zippo lighter features the Zippo brand logo.  See details
Price: $22.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #ZI371
Zippo Sapphire
Genuine Zippo lighter with Sapphire blue polished finish.  See details
Price: $26.95

SKU #ZI490
Zippo Slim Candy Apple Red Lighter
This Zippo has a striking bright candy-apple red "crackle" appearance with semi-gloss finish.  See details
Price: 21.95 $13.51

SKU #ZI808
Zippo Snake Lighter, Brushed Chrome
This charmed Mexican-style snake logo will bring you luck wherever you go.  See details
Price: $23.95

SKU #ZI327
Zippo Spectrum
This Zippo lighter stand out with its coating that has brilliant palette of rainbow colors!  See details
Price: $26.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #ZI426
Zippo Spectrum Butterfly Logo
This amazing Zippo features a beautiful palette of transcendent colors under a painted butterfly.  See details
Price: 31.95 $19.66

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #ZI315
Zippo Street Chrome Slim
This Zippo slim lighter's textured surface is perfect for those who carry their lighters in their pocket with change and...  See details
Price: $14.95


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