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SKU #RB002
Rubis Gold-Plated Slant-Edge Tweezers
Some People just love gold -- and why not? Here it is -- deluxe gold precision slant tweezers. Not...  See details
Price: 52.00 $39.95

SKU #RB004
Rubis Lightweight Tweezers
Manufactured of rust proof, acid proof, highest quality surgical stainless steel - the favorite of estheticians.  See details
Price: 54.00 $43.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #RB001
Rubis Point Tweezers
Absolutely the best tool for removing ingrown hairs after waxing or shaving.  See details
Price: 45.00 $39.95

SKU #RB018
Rubis Red Colani Tweezers copy
Luigi Colani, a renowed designer, created these ergonomic shape contoured tweezers to fit your hand perfectly. These unique Rubis...  See details
Price: 50.00 $45.95

SKU #RB009
Rubis Scissors Tweezers
These straight tipped scissor tweezers are perfect for a variety cosmetic uses. Made with the highest quality surgical stainless steel.  See details
Price: 48.00 $41.95

SKU #RB005
Rubis slanted tweezers with magnifier
This is the perfect implement for removing splinters. Woodworkers, auto mechanics or those who work with materials that splinter...  See details
Price: 62.00 $55.95

SKU #RB016
Rubis Swiss Cross slant tweezers
Nothing inspires confidence like the official Swiss Cross -- only to be used by products manufactured in Switzerland! Even...  See details
Price: 46.00 $37.95

Maserin Coglifunghi Mushroom Hunting Tool
You'll wonder how you managed your mushroom hunts without one!  See details
Price: 49.95 $34.95


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