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Zippo Lighters are another timeless item available at Excalibur. With dozens of Zippos to choose from, everyone from collectors to those looking for the perfect gift are sure to be pleased with our selection. Zippo lighters are windproof, incredibly durable, and have a lifetime guarantee. If it EVER breaks, Zippo will repair or replace it for free!

Most Zippo lighters are engravable! Personalized Zippos make great gifts. Our in-house engraving usually adds no more than 1 day to shipping time.

Free Engraving on most zippo lighters now!

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SKU #ZI386
Zippo Celtic Cross
The beautiful Celtic cross design is masterfully engraved into the lighter and then painted.  See details
Price: $15.95

SKU #ZI641
Zippo 'Things Learned From Dad' LIghter, Black Matte
This fun lighter is perfect for Father's Day! Let Dad know all the noble activities you learned from him....  See details
Price: 26.95 $24.95

SKU #ZI813
Zippo 'Footprints in the Sand' Lighter
This 'Footprints in the Sand' lighter is a constant reminder of Who carries you when there is only one set...  See details
Price: $26.95

SKU #ZI489
Zippo Peace
Take a stand for nonagression. This Zippo lighter has the peace sign on the front and reads "PEACE" up the...  See details
Price: $35.95

SKU #ZI577
Zippo Peace Tye-Dye Lighter, Yellow Matte
This groovy cigarette lighter appeals to the hippie in all of us, with a peace symobl and vintage tye-dye graphic....  See details
Price: 28.95 $16.99

Zippo Venetian Chrome Lighter
Venetian style lighter with engrave plate!  See details
Price: 33.95 $33.95

SKU #ZI654
Zippo Luxury Lighter, Brushed Brass
This stunning Zippo lighter has a beautiful engraved and painted crest on the front, giving it a somewhat Victorian feel....  See details
Price: $32.95

Zippo Black Onyx
This elegant black onyx-paneled lighter includes a chrome space perfect for an engraved monogram.  See details
Price: $23.95

SKU #ZI200
Zippo Red Matte w/ Zippo Logo
This red matte Zippo lighter features the Zippo brand logo.  See details
Price: $22.95

SKU #ZI253
Zippo Classic Green Matte Lighter
Zippo lighter with a green matte finish and Zippo logo. Packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box. Lifetime Guarantee.  See details
Price: $22.95

SKU #ZI315
Zippo Street Chrome Slim
This Zippo slim lighter's textured surface is perfect for those who carry their lighters in their pocket with change and...  See details
Price: $14.95

SKU #ZI327
Zippo Spectrum
This Zippo lighter stand out with its coating that has brilliant palette of rainbow colors!  See details
Price: $26.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #ZI371
Zippo Sapphire
Genuine Zippo lighter with Sapphire blue polished finish.  See details
Price: $26.95

SKU #ZI426
Zippo Spectrum Butterfly Logo
This amazing Zippo features a beautiful palette of transcendent colors under a painted butterfly.  See details
Price: 31.95 $19.66

SKU #ZI490
Zippo Slim Candy Apple Red Lighter
This Zippo has a striking bright candy-apple red "crackle" appearance with semi-gloss finish.  See details
Price: 21.95 $13.51

SKU #ZI493
Zippo 1941 Replica Brass Lighter
This brass lighter is a replica of Zippo's 1941 original, with a brushed finish.  See details
Price: $27.95

SKU #ZI500
Zippo Fingerpring ID Lighter, Polished Chrome
Featuring a fingerprint and barcode print. High polish chrome finish.   See details
Price: $25.95

SKU #ZI550
Zippo Crown Stamp Lighter, Polished Chrome
This high-polish chrome lighter has the Zippo logo and flame icon on the lid top.   See details
Price: 24.95 $15.35

SKU #ZI584
Zippo Iced Stars Lighter, Candy Apple Red
This striking Zippo lighter has a star design on a beautiful metallic red finish.   See details
Price: 27.95 $16.99

SKU #ZI609
Zippo Linen Weave
Zippo's classic brush look takes on a new form with this linen weave finish.  See details
Price: $17.95

SKU #ZI613
Zippo Chameleon Lighter
Is it blue or green? The Chameleon Zippo changes colors right before your eyes as you move it around.   See details
Price: $26.95

SKU #ZI616
Zippo Wave Splash Surfing Lighter, Polished Chrome
Surf's up, dude! This ocean wave lighter is the perfect gift for the surfer in your life. The...  See details
Price: 28.95 $17.82

SKU #ZI620
Zippo Tarot Justice Card Lighter, Polished Chrome
Featuring artwork of a Tarot 'Justice' card. High polish chrome finish.   See details
Price: 26.95 $26.95

SKU #ZI625
Zippo Wolf Ghost Lighter
Wolf lovers will howl for this beautiful wolf-themed Zippo lighter.  See details
Price: $26.95

SKU #ZI627
Zippo Identity Hand Print Lighter, Brushed Chrome
Glowig hand artwork will not chip or peel. Brushed chrome finish.   See details
Price: 23.95 $14.74

SKU #ZI632
Zippo Industrial Machinery Lighter
This industrial-machinery Zippo has a great Steampunk look. The decal features a mechanical skull with vintage top-hat. A great gift...  See details
Price: $28.95

SKU #ZI635
Zippo Wet Spider Web Lighter, Brushed Chrome
Nature-lovers will love this beautiful image of a dew-bejweled spider web on a brushed chrome Zippo lighter.   See details
Price: 25.95 $22.95

SKU #ZI649
Zippo Cerulean Ligher w/ Logo
This Zippo lighter has a dazzling Cerulean blue finish with Zippo logo and flame design.   See details
Price: $29.95

SKU #ZI656
Zippo Panda Lighter
Until now, panda-lovers the world over have been forced to light their cigarettes with non-panda-related lighters. But all that...  See details
Price: 26.95 $24.25

SKU #ZI808
Zippo Snake Lighter, Brushed Chrome
This charmed Mexican-style snake logo will bring you luck wherever you go.  See details
Price: $23.95


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