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High quality Whiskey Flasks in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

Whiskey Flask, Pocket Flask, Hip Flask, whatever you call them, we have one of the widest selection in the country at very special prices. We have also included our most popular pewter shot glasses, bar sets, Martini shakers, and flask accessories.

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SKU #BB107
Flask, Money Clip and Business Card Holder Set
A matching 6 oz flask, money clip and business card holder for the elegant gentleman.  See details
Price: $48.95

SKU #BB153
4 pc Stainless Flask, Funnel, Cigar Case, and Cutter Set
4 Pieces Stainless Flask (7 oz), Cigar Case & Cutter Set, T.P. 3.75"H x 5"W x .85"D 1.35 lb  See details
Price: 79.95 $60.42

8oz Cylender Flask with Cups, Black Leather
8 oz. Stainless Steel Cylinder Flask in Black Leather with Two Cups.  See details
Price: 44.95 $33.28

Pirate Rum Flask
"Time Flies When You're Having Rum". Truer words were never embossed into a pirate-themed liquor flask.  See details
Price: 18.95 $14.95

Currently Out of Stock
Pirate 'Beatings' Flask
Your friends will get a hearty laugh out of this pirate skull-and-crossbones flask! Embossed with: "The Beatings Will Continue...  See details
Price: 18.95 $14.95

Currently Out of Stock
Pirate 'Surrender The Booty' Flask
Yer mates won't dare mess with yer rum when its in this"Surrender the Booty" pirate Skull-and-Crossbones embossed flask.  See details
Price: 18.95 $14.95

Pirate 'Captains Reserve' Flask
Don't let no land-lover mess with your rum flask; let 'em know pirates mean business with this "Captain's Reserve" embossed...  See details
Price: 18.95 $14.95

SKU #BB087
Flask Funnel
The quintessential flask accessory (besides liquor).  See details
Price: $2.95


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