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Wusthof Classic Kitchen Knives

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SKU #WT004
Wusthof Classic 4.5 inch Steak Knife
The classic dinner knife slices cleanly through meats and tough foods while sprucing up any place setting. ...  See details
Price: 75.00 $59.95

SKU #WT005
Wusthof Classic 5 inch Tomato Knife
Keep your tomato slices firm, full and round, not oval and squished, when you use a serrated tomato knife....  See details
Price: 90.00 $49.95

SKU #WT008
Wusthof Classic 6 inch Utility/Sandwich Knife
An all-purpose tool that is often refered to as the sandwich knife. It peels and slices fruits and...  See details
Price: 100.00 $89.95

SKU #WT024
Wusthof Classic 10 inch Sharpening Steel
Important tool for keeping your quality knives razor sharp. Remember sharp knives cut better and require less pressure,...  See details
Price: 70.00 $49.95

SKU #WT076
Wusthof Classic 8
This panini knife's forged blade is tempered and hardened steel with a long-lasting, V-ground edge.  See details
Price: 125.00 $99.95

SKU #WT098
Wusthof Classic S11 4.5
The micro serration grabs hold of the rough surface or skin on fruits and vegetables while the fine edge on...  See details
Price: 80.00 $59.95

SKU #WT088
Wusthof CLASSIC Hollow Edge Nakiri 4913 / 17cm
The blade shape finds its origin in Japan. A versatile vegetable cleaver for slicing, dicing and chopping even large...  See details
Price: 140.00 $99.95


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