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Shaving Kits

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Start your shaving collection with kits compiled by experts at Excalibur Cutlery. Whether you want the basics for a good shave or all the essentials for that "fresh from the barber" feel, each kit contains high quality items to help you achieve the close shave you desire.

One of the most luxurious experiences for men is a good, close, barbershop shave. With our popular shaving tools and accessories, you can get that barbershop experience in the comfort of your home.

Deluxe Kits
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SKU #WW002
6pc Straight Razor Starter Set
BLADE ENGRAVABLE Once you use a straight razor and lather with a bar of soap you will never go...  See details
Price: 250.00 $209.95

SKU #WW003
Executive 8pc Straight Razor Set
This is the perfect starter set for the man who is new to straight razor shaving. Excalibur Cutlery has...  See details
Price: 299.95 $269.95

SKU #WW007
Wooden 6pc Straight Razor Starter Set
This set has a natural feel with its wooden set pieces.  See details
Price: 227.70 $215.95

SKU #WW022
Webmasters Special Straight Razor Kit
This set was designed by our webmaster, it has some of the highest quality parts we offer and a...  See details
Price: 510.99 $399.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #WW033
Every man will love this "Man-Can" shaving starter set containing everything he needs for a smooth, wet shave, enclosed in...  See details
Price: 198.80 $179.95

SKU #WW034
This set of wood shaving tools will look great on your man's bathroom counter. Our webmaster hand-selected these wooden shaving...  See details
Price: 228.80 $189.95

SKU #WW035
Give the man in your life the gift of the World's Closest Shave.  See details
Price: 219.10 $189.95

SKU #WW036
Whether a seasoned straight-razor user, or brand new to straight-razor shaving, the man in your life will be delighted with...  See details
Price: 265.95 $229.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #WW037
It simply doesn't get manlier than this. Whether your boyfriend, husband, dad or grandpa is a straight-razor aficionado or has...  See details
Price: 293.95 $249.95


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