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Other Manicure Tools

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SKU #DO014
Dovo (Solingen) 5.5 inch Styling Shears
Give your family haircuts like the pro's with these Dovo  5.5 inch Styling Shears. They aer an outstanding value,...  See details
Price: $59.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #DO017
Dovo - 3.5 inch Nail scissors
Dovo 3 1/2 Nail scissors. These nail scissors are easier to use than regular nail clippers, the finger holes...  See details
Price: $69.95

Dovo 3.5 inch Nose and Ear Scissors
Dovo (Solingen, Germany) 3.5 inch Nose and Ear Scissors. Stainless steel with satin finish with rounded safety tip.  See details
Price: $46.95

SKU #DO052
Dovo 6.5 inch Thinning Shears
Too Much Hair?  Dovo's 6.5 inch Thinning Shears to the rescue. 40 teeth, one sided, stainless steel, hollow...  See details
Price: $99.95

Currently Out of Stock
Dovo Cobalt 5.5 inch Styling Shears
These cobalt black coated styling shears are modern looking but still give the old fashioned professional haircut.  Dovo...  See details
Price: $109.95

SKU #DO016
Dovo combination cuticle instrument
Dovo combination cuticle instrument, a pointed end for cleaning under nails, and a rounded end for keeping cuticules in...  See details
Price: $18.50

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #DO055
Dovo Merkur Corn-Cutting Tool
Make easy work of removing those stubborn corns on your feet with this corn-cutting tool from Dovo/Merkur.  See details
Price: $19.95

SKU #DO033
Merkur Corn-Cutting Tool Replacement Blades
10 pack of replacement razor blades custom-sized to fit the Merkur Corn-Cutter tool.  See details
Price: $2.50

Trimit Nose Hair Trimmer
For trimming nose and ear hair, it's hard to beat the stainless steel Trimit. With just a pinch of...  See details
Price: $24.95

SKU #WT732
Wusthof 4.5
Wusthof 4 1/2 inch moustache scissors.  See details
Price: 36.00 $29.95

Currently Out of Stock

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