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Safety Razors

The first safety razor was invented in the late 18th century by a Frenchman, Jean-Jacques Perret, who was inspired by the joiner's plane. An expert on the subject, he also wrote a book called Pogonotomy or the Art of Learning to Shave Oneself. In the late 1820s, a similar razor was made in Sheffield, England, and from the 1870s, a single-edge blade, mounted on a hoe-shaped handle, was available in Britain and Germany.

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Muhle Double Edge Safety Razor
This Mühle safety razor a minor miracle of precision, ergonomics and beauty, created for ambitious wet shavers.  See details
Price: $69.95

SKU #DO034
Merkur Collapsible Travel Safety Razor
This Dovo safety razor is perfect for travel! A safety razor with 3 inch handle is assembled from three components...  See details
Price: $46.95

SKU #DO035
Merkur Adjustable Safety Razor
Merkur Safety Razor made in Solingen, Germany, are some of the worlds finest. This adjustable model has 6 blade...  See details
Price: $79.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #DO036
Merkur Super Blades
Merkur Super Blades, Pkg. of 10, fits with Merkur safety razors.  See details
Price: $9.95

SKU #DO050
Dovo Merkur Future Safety Razor
The Future has a hefty, solid feel unlike any other safety razor, with adjustable blade tension for a smoother,...  See details
Price: $119.95

SKU #DO053
Dovo Merkur Classic Style - Double Edge Safety Razor
It's heavy duty, it's heavy weight, it's got a long handle. It's Merkurs newest razor in the traditional Classic...  See details
Price: $62.95

Merkur Collabsible Safety Razor Travel Set
This collapsible safety razor kit is sure to be your travel companion for years to come.  See details
Price: $79.95

Solingen Stainless Steel Safety Razor
Made of solid stainless steel. Includes 5-pack of replacement blades. Made in Solingen, Germany. 8cm in length  See details
Price: $129.95

Solingen Walnut Wood Safety Razor
This beautiful walnut wood & stainless steel safety razor comes from the steel-experts in Solingen, Germany.  See details
Price: $136.95

Derby Extra 5-Pack Safety Razor Blades
Chromium-ceramic-platinum-tungsten stainless steel razor blades.  See details
Price: $6.95

SKU #DO080
Dovo Safety Razor Travel Kit with Camel Case
This handy 5 piece safety razor travel kit from Dovo comes in a handsome camel leather zip case. Kit includes:...  See details
Price: $189.95


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