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Best and Super Badger Brushes

Best badger is the term used to describe brushes made with the finer and more pliable hairs from 20 - 25% of the badger's body. It is longer in length and lighter in color than 'pure' badger hair.

A super badger brush is a more expensive than either 'best' or 'pure'. Though it is comprised of 'pure' badger hairs, 'super' is graded and sorted to such a degree that its performance is superior to that of 'best'

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SKU #DO019
Dovo Super Badger Shaving Brush
A century old traditional wood grain ebony micarta handle is reborn. This is the ultimate in...  See details
Price: 250.00 $179.95

SKU #DO092
Dovo Grenadille Wood Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush
Dovo grenadille wood handled shaving brush with pure, luxurious badger hair.  See details
Price: $79.95


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