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Deluxe Kits

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SKU #WW002
6pc Straight Razor Starter Set
BLADE ENGRAVABLE Once you use a straight razor and lather with a bar of soap you will never go...  See details
Price: 250.00 $209.95

SKU #WW003
Executive 8pc Straight Razor Set
This is the perfect starter set for the man who is new to straight razor shaving. Excalibur Cutlery has...  See details
Price: 299.95 $269.95

SKU #WW007
Wooden 6pc Straight Razor Starter Set
This set has a natural feel with its wooden set pieces.  See details
Price: 227.70 $215.95

SKU #WW022
Webmasters Special Straight Razor Kit
This set was designed by our webmaster, it has some of the highest quality parts we offer and a...  See details
Price: 510.99 $399.95

Currently Out of Stock
SKU #WW033
Every man will love this "Man-Can" shaving starter set containing everything he needs for a smooth, wet shave, enclosed in...  See details
Price: 198.80 $179.95

SKU #WW034
This set of wood shaving tools will look great on your man's bathroom counter. Our webmaster hand-selected these wooden shaving...  See details
Price: 228.80 $189.95

SKU #WW035
Give the man in your life the gift of the World's Closest Shave.  See details
Price: 219.10 $189.95

SKU #WW036
Whether a seasoned straight-razor user, or brand new to straight-razor shaving, the man in your life will be delighted with...  See details
Price: 265.95 $229.95

SKU #WW037
It simply doesn't get manlier than this. Whether your boyfriend, husband, dad or grandpa is a straight-razor aficionado or has...  See details
Price: 293.95 $249.95


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