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Magic Motion Clocks

Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd. in Japan was established in
1950. Over the years, they have developed into a
world leader in the manufacturing of timekeeping
products with millions of clocks and movements
sold throughout the world.

Rhythm is set apart from the rest of the industry by
its investment in the development of state-of-theart
features. Keeping in mind your needs, the
valued retailers, Rhythm has developed features
and designs that meet the needs of today's lifestyle
with unexpected motion and excellent quality of
sound that attract praise.

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Rhythm USA - Classic Glory - Wooden Case
This model has a tranquil and cathedral-like theme.  See details
Price: 628.00 $469.95

Currently Out of Stock
Rhythm USA - Concerto Entertainer
The Concerto Entertainer is orchestrated with an extraordinary ensemble of instruments and musical notes. The figures on the pendulum swing...  See details
Price: 257.00 $179.95

Rhythm USA - Estado 16
Encased in wooden frame, the Estado is a perfect mix between exquisite and modern with a 16" diameter dial.  See details
Price: 170.00 $119.95

Rhythm USA - Peaceful Cosmos Entertainer
You must see this clock in action to believe it. The clock's face, featuring the planet Earth, splits in two...  See details
Price: 465.00 $329.95

Currently Out of Stock
Rhythm USA - Snowflake Legend w/Beatles Songs!!
The elegance of the Snowflake Legend makes it a great gift for a wedding or an anniversary.  See details
Price: 300.00 $239.95

Currently Out of Stock

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