Kershaw 2530 Knife Sharpener

Take hold of the Auto-Tek's handle push the button and-instantly-your sharpening steel deploys and is ready to put a perfect edge on any knife. The steel's fine 600-grit diamond surface is ideal for sharpening and honing almost any knife. But it's the opening mechanism that will really give you a kick. Inspired by the quick action of a switchblade a simple push up on the button automatically release the steel from the handle while a pull back automatically retracts it. The glass-filled handle has soft-touch over-molding for a secure grip. Toss it in your pack or gear bag and you'll always have the tool you need to keep your knives sharp and on the job.
Image Kershaw 2530 Knife Sharpener

Image 2 Kershaw 2530 Knife Sharpener

Image 3 Kershaw 2530 Knife Sharpener

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