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Straight Razor Stropping ToolsStropping a razor is a fine art developed by repeated practice. The aim in stropping is to smooth and shape the razor's edge into a keen cutting implement. After being honed, the razor seldom needs any stropping on the canvas. Instead, the honed razor is stropped directly over the surface of the leather strop. The effect of the canvas strop is similar to mild honing.
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SKU #DO051
Dovo Straight Razor Sheath
Protect your new or antique straight razor with this genuine black leather sheath. (Razor sold separately).  See details
Price: $19.95

FROMM  4 oz. Strop Dressing
4 oz. Strop Dressing, a must have for your razor strop, it will make the leather last much longer.  See details
Price: 24.95 $16.50

Fromm Travel Straight Razor Strop 2x20
This straight razor strop from Fromm measures just a little smaller, 2 x 20 inches, making it perfect for the...  See details
Price: $35.95

Fromm Straight Razor Strop 2.5x24
Top grain cowhide leather strop.  See details
Price: $54.95

Bismarck Razor Strop
Make sure your straight razor continues to perform like a professional barber's would, use a premium hand crafted leather strop to...  See details
Price: 59.95 $49.95

Straight Razor Honing ToolsHoning is the process of sharpening a razor blade on a hone. The main object in honing is to obtain a perfect cutting edge on the razor. For the beginner a slow-cutting hone is preferable to a fast-cutting hone.
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Idahone 6000 Fine Grit Ceramic Sharpening Stone
This 6000 grit sharpening stone is a must for precision sharpening jobs.  See details
Price: $49.95

Currently Out of Stock
Halls Arkansas Stone  6inch Surgical Extra Fine Arkansas Stone 4000 grit
This extra fine natural stone will hone a blade to surgical standards. It is perfect for putting the edge...  See details
Price: $39.95


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