Manicure Set/Tool FAQs

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    What is the difference between the manicure sets in Excalibur’s selection?

    The price of the sets is determined by the number of instruments, quality of the case, and quality of the instruments. Our sets from Germany are among the finest instruments to be found. Our more affordable sets from China feature the best quality we could find, while still at an introductory price. Excalibur Cutlery only carries manicure sets that will provide years of good use.

    Of what materials are the manicure instruments made?

    All of our premium manicure sets are made of pure surgical-grade stainless steel. Our mid-range and introductory sets are made with either stainless steel or nickel-plated steel. The nickel plating provides a very effective corrosion barrier that won’t chip, and will last a lifetime when used as intended.

    Where are your manicure sets manufactured?

    Most of our manicure kits are imported from Solingen, Germany by Dovo, Dreiturm and Wusthof. We also have a selection of quality, value-priced manicure sets imported from China. Excalibur Cutlery is very selective about the products we import, to ensure that the tools our customers use will last many years.

    What is "high-carbon" steel?

    Steel is an alloy of mostly carbon and iron; steel with higher carbon content is more expensive and strong than low-carbon steel, allowing the instruments to retain a sharp edge without dulling. All of Excalibur Cutlery’s manicure implements are made with high-carbon steel to give you a quality tool that can last a lifetime. It is recommended that you keep your manicure tools dry between uses.

    What is "hot forged" steel?

    Forging, as opposed to casting, involves forming the hot metal into shape under force, so that it develops an internal "grain" and increased strength. Many of the manicure tools Excalibur Cutlery offers are hot forged, allowing them to be lightweight but still very strong. We can virtually guarantee you will not bend or break a hot forged instrument under normal use!

    What are cuticle scissors?

    Cuticle scissors appear similar to fingernail scissors, but are used for delicately removing unsightly cuticle skin from around the fingernail. Cuticle scissors are lighter-weight and have a finer point than nail scissors, and should not be used for cutting fingernails or toenails.

    What is a nail "clipper" vs nail "nipper"?

    Manicure clippers and nippers are both tools for cutting finger and toe nails. The more common nail clippers have the familiar swivel-around handle, held between the index finger and thumb, whereas nail nippers have handles similar to a pair of pliers, held in the palm of the hand. Clippers work better for thinner nails, whereas nail nippers are designed to cut through thick nails with ease.

    What is the difference between the different nail files Excalibur carries?

    Excalibur Cutlery carries both sapphire-coated steel and glass nail files. Glass nail files last longer and provide a cleaner nail edge than traditional sapphire-coated steel files.

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