Shaving Basics

    For the Perfect Shave


    1. High quality shaving brush
    2. Shaving soap or cream
    3. Premium razor (straight or safety)
    4. Aftershave skin moisturizer or conditioner
    5. Strop (for straight razors only)


    1. Clean face with warm to hot water (not scalding)
    2. Wet brush thoroughly, then turn upside down to drain excess moisture
    3. Swirl brush lightly & slowly in a circular motion in soap until visible lather appears (not too much or too little, depending on your preference)
    4. Work the brush up and down your face, similar to painting. Your neck and face should now be covered; you want a thick rich opaque lather covering the area to be shaved


    1. Hold the razor in your dominant hand and begin shaving down the face and neck, top to bottom
    2. Hold the razor horizontally to your face
    3. Shave first in the direction of hair growth to minimize skin irritation or ingrown hairs
    4. First few strokes should rid the face of the toughest hairs
    5. Repeat the process again in the opposite direction
    6. To achieve the closest shave possible, rinse face in clean hot water, and repeat lather, shave & rinse. (If you have sensitive skin you might want to shave in the direction of the hair only to avoid redness and razor burn)

      Soothe and Moisturize

    1. Rinse face with cold water, to close pores
    2. Thoroughly rinse shaving brush with warm, clean water and placed in an appropriate stand in a well vented area, to maximize the lifespan of your brush (some as long as 15 years)
    3. Gently rub a good quality, non-alcohol based moisturizer, balm or aftershave over the area that has been shaved
    4. Clean razor with warm water, gently dry and strop after every use (stropping should be done with the sharp edge of the razor trailing, never leading)
    5. Always let the razor dry completely before closing to avoid corrosion of the blade. (Sharpen with a wet stone when necessary or professionally sharpen straight razors regularly to extend the life of your razor)
    6. Store safely. Before storing the razor for longer periods, coat the blade in a fine layer of oil

    Enjoy the closest shave of your life!

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